Magical Sacred Circles

Find your path & discover the magic within the great round symbol of life

About Me

I have been studying traditional healing remedies from around the globe since I was young and I have since melded my natural gifts of intuition with these learned modalities creating a unique healing experience for everyone. I lend a comfortable, trusting, safe and familiar feeling to all who come in contact with me.

I feel honored and privileged to be able to teach and empower people with their own personal joyful energy. I am grateful to share my artistic skills & intuitive gifts to serve others as I truly work from the heart.

My Business

I am the creator and host Workshop Facilitator, an artist, Integrated Energy Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. I am an intuitive card reader, a mandala magician, a happy djembe player  and I am the founder of Magical Sacred Circles. 

I combine creative self-expression with my interest in symbols, colour and Jungian psychology to create programs designed to heighten awareness, inspire personal insight and improve the life force of those who participate.

With the assistance of art, colour, symbols, meditation, sound, drum, crystals, kindness and laughter, I can show others how to gain access to the healing coloured light within themselves.

I hold self-discovery workshops, drum circles, Angel card readings and IET & Reiki sessions in my home studio in South Glengarry, Ontario, and draw on my experience and intuition to facilitate sessions and workshops for adults, children and pets.

I am also available for drum circles with professional drummer and friend William Laurin.  Together we are SoundVibe Circles; Bringing Together Musical & Rhythmical Connections Through Self Empowering Expression!