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Lucy Baum

With a degree in Psychology and over 15 years experience in marketing and business, I followed my passion later in life to become a professional photographer. 

I'm motivated by capturing the essence and emotion of people and their connections. I nurture my own creative business with heart, and I love helping others do the same.

After so many clients asked me questions about improving their own photography skills, I founded Clic, C'est Chic Photography workshops for women. And since I can't seem to turn off my marketing and business consulting side, I've applied this naturally to photography for creative businesses. I can't wait to meet and work with you!

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Catherine has a university degree in education and she was trained by different master drummers in Canada, the United-States and Guinea West-Africa. She teaches West-African percussion since 2005. From 2002 to 2009, Catherine was a founder, artistic director and artist for Yayé. She is also a co-founder and djembe soloist for Cobra du Mandingue, a professionnal drum and dance company since 2009 and she plays side by side with Mohamed Diarra from Ballet Djoliba. She also plays with international master drummers such as M’Bemba Bangoura, Mohamed Diaby, Mamadouba Mito Camara and Fode Lavia Camara.

She contributes to the development of African dance and drumming in the Ottawa area through her teaching, performances and activities organized during the year but her real strength lies in the workshops she teaches as she combines her  teaching  experience to her passionate artist side to offer a unique experience into the Guinean percussion world!

Visit www.djembe.ca for more information

Elisha MacMillan BA Hons, CPCC
Manifest Dance Coach, Sociologist, Speaker & Magic Maker

Hey Beauty!

I’m Elisha, and I’m so delighted to connect with you here! If you are intrigued by dance and want to learn how to create the life and business of your dreams, you are in the right place!!! I believe in the power of dance to manifest, heal, form community, and (re)connect us with our inner JOY! I have experienced this first hand. See below for a (love) story about me…

I Believe…

I can change the world by standing in my power, doing what I love & making conscious choices
♦ That to heal our sweet Earth we all need to cultivate the divine feminine in ourselves, especially as women, and regain balance
♦ We all have a special purpose that is unique & fun that fills our soul
♦ We all have the keys to the shackles that hold us back from feeling free, radiant & abundant
♦ The fabric of the universe is made of Love, and we can all access eternal love & bliss at any time
♦ Movement and body connection is an important part of physical, mental & emotional health, manifestation and creation (Our dear body is a source of deep wisdom, and she is constantly giving us important messages and information, but we often don’t hear)

My Promise to You

I am the lantern who guides you down the path to your highest, greatest, Self and happiest most fulfilling life.  Sometimes it’s dark, tear-filled and scary.  Sometimes the path is lined with gorgeous flowers and juicy exciting moments.  I hold your magnificent vision and know that you can manifest it, even in moments when you feel disheartened.  There is always healing & discovery along the way, and that is part of your amazing soul growth journey.  No matter what, I believe in YOU and your brilliance. I believe in your big, bold & beautiful dreams.  And together we will dance our way there.

Visit http://.drumanddancemedicine.com to learn more

Jody Marsolais

Jody Marsolais is a Vic Firth Certified Instructor/Facilitator who offers:

● dynamic team building for corporations and agencies

● stimulating school workshops

● serene crystal singing bowl meditations

● effective programs for individuals or groups with special needs

● entertainment for groups i.e. birthdays, Jack/Jill parties, weddings, etc..

Jody manages his private practice, The Rythym Room, teaching instrument lessons and supports the Community through volunteerism Jody’s passion for music launched him into a full time career as a music instructor and workshop facilitator. Jody provides services to retirement homes, daycare centers, corporations/agencies, churches and schools.

At the age of five, Jody’s zeal for music and performance began. Jody would attend his Mom’s performances at various events such as receptions and gatherings. Terry, his Mom, began to introduce him to various instruments. Since then, Jody has become proficient at percussion, drums, and guitar. His abilities extend to reading and writing music theory.

Quantum physics, philosophy, creative visualization and meditation resonate with Jody’s spirit. From these teachings, his desire has become rooted in the understanding that healing can be achieved through a variety of sound modalities. His holistic workshops have proven to be inspirational as the audience experiences a sense of peace and wellness through the soft sounds of crystal singing bowls and meditation.

Building confidence and team skills through drumming has become popular in both the profit and not for profit sectors. These workshops help develop focus and productivity while increasing the ability to concentrate, retain and recall information. Jody’s school workshops meet the Ontario Music Curriculum as a guide lines. These workshops are an excellent form of ‘brain gym’, reduces bullying and builds self confidence.

The Rythym Room is a proud member of the both the Ottawa and the Cornwall Chambers of Commerce. 

Visit www.TheRythymRoom.ca to learn more!

Nellie Piotrowski

Certified Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher
Certified Kids Yoga Teacher
Art Enrichment

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Nellie began working with children more than 20 years ago. After receiving her first university degree from the University of Ottawa in Psychology and Religion, Nellie continued her studies at Concordia University in Montreal in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  After graduating with honours in the program, Nellie subsequently worked at various prestigious private schools. While raising her young family, she worked part-time as a fitness instructor teaching Yoga/Pilates/TaiChi style classes.  

Introduced to her first Yoga class 17 years ago, Nellie quickly noticed the positive effects it had on her mind and body. ZenKids Yoga was created after the search for a career that would combine Nellie’s love of Yoga and passion for teaching children, along with a flexible schedule that would allow her to be available to her family. Nellie’s goal in teaching kids’ Yoga is to help unfold in each child their natural potential, to help develop their self-confidence so they can share their own unique selves with the world. ZenKids Yoga classes encourage children to develop awareness of their individual expression of who they are, along with the physical benefits of Yoga. This all happens through creative, inspirational Yoga classes that include singing, games, silliness and giggles, in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance where everyone feels good and has fun!

Nellie Piotrowski
[email protected]

Kelly Roughton

Kelly is an AAMET certified Level II EFT Practitioner, an NGH certified Consulting Hypnotist and a CCF certified Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator, who has been enthusiastically practicing since 2007.

Kelly is a Life Coach who is very passionate about sharing all that she has learned with the aim of supporting others with tools to heal and grow. She has been facilitating personal growth and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) workshops as well as offering private coaching sessions in both English and French since 2007. Kelly incorporates elements of tapping (EFT), hypnosis, Reiki, NLP, her intuition and other healing techniques into all that she does.

Kelly Roughton
[email protected]

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