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Practice Djembe with Me!

Every Second Tuesday 


7:00 p.m - 8:30 p.m.

If you're interested in learning some awesome djembe rhythms and
exploring the notation, then this is the drumming experience for you.  We also have tips to help you remember each rhythm with song Even the warm up will excite and shift you!  

Contribution $10

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A drum — due to its intrinsic rhythmic nature — has a unique way of benefiting those who play it

2019 Schedule

January 8th and 22nd

February 12th and 26th

March 12th and 26th

April 9th and 23rd

May 14th and 28th

June 11th and 25th

July 9th and 23rd

August 13th and 27th

September 10th and 24th

October 8th and 22nd

November 12th and 26th

December 10th

By the way I am not a Djembe Master!  I take lessons from Djembe Master Catherine Veilleux and I go to Womyn's Drum Camp and many many drum circles, retreats and events since 2013.  I want to share what I am learning.  It's so much fun.  Join me.