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Customer Testimonials

Hi Monica

I want to thank you again for coming over today to do a healing session for me, and for gifting me this amazing experience. I'm still floating and on clouds. Feeling so alive, so calm, so grounded, such a loving, peace energy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I hope that your drive back was a safe one.

Do make sure to put me on your newsletter mailing. I'd love to know what you are offering, what's happening with you and your business. I would love to go to the drumming circle. So I'll try and remember to check that out so I can get myself there some evening. :)

Have a lovely weekend... thank you for this lovely healing session again today. I'm feeling like a new person. This was sooooo needed and the timing was absolutely divine.


Suzanne M. 
September 2015

Hi Nellie and Monica!

Just wanted to let you both know that my girls really enjoyed 
their yoga and crystal/gemstones workshop.  They wear their necklaces and tell everyone they meet about how it has powers. It has become one of their most prized possessions! 

 They also want to practice more yoga!  Thanks so much for opening their mind by offering such innovative and interesting workshops!

Take care!!

Sabrina, March 2014

Hello Monica,

How wonderful to hear from you!!! 

Thank you so much about all the beautiful things you have said about M., you’re right she is a very good person with a heart of gold and is quite sensitive to all that is around her.

I have never seen M. enjoy anything or look forward to anything as much as she did her Thursday evenings with you and Nellie.

I really hope we can do this again very soon.

All the best to both you and Nellie and thank you so much for making such a huge impact in my daughter’s life.

Annette R. 2013

Something I always wanted to learn.  Thank you.

Trudy B. 2010

Thank you so much for the wonderful and creative day. There are so many mandalas all over the world. You are a fantastic person. We appreciate your time and devotion. Be well.

Madeleine 2010

Thank you so much for the very interesting workshop.

Margo T. 2009

Wonderful and interesting workshop. I enjoyed it very much.

Doreen S. 2009

Hi Monica,

Just a note to thank you again for all of your time and energy to the fun and healing workshops that you host. I'll be grounding myself with the colour red before I move on. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again.

Sue L. 2008

Thanks so much.  Love your enthusiasm!

Patricia L. 2008

I had such a good time while learning.

Maggie B. 2008

Thanks for the enthusiasum & super fun instruction.

Audrey C. 2008

Your card readings were accurate, encouraging, tender and healing.   Thank you for helping me see the truth.

-Annie H. 2007